Compact pure Java HTTP server. Simple and efficient environment for running your servlets.  

 J2ME Applications for mobile phones





Compact, imple and fats XML parser for J2ME


Object-Relational Database Management Systems


Object Oriented Database Management Systems


   Java embedded SQL

Subset of SQL for specifying non-procedural queries for Java objects, index access based on T-Tree, parallel excecution of requests  


Heap explorer library for .Net and Java


  Java Object-Relational Adapter

JORA will simplify you development of Java database applications  

Interprocess Communication Server

Interprocess synchronization and communication primitives for Java and C++: semaphore, event, mutex, barrier, queue, shared memory, shared and exclusive lock  

Java Job Scheduler

Cron-like utility for scheduling java and OS jobs. Absolute, periodical, triggered scheduling. Interaction with JIPC servers (monitoring queues and handling queue overflow). Scheduling data is kept in any RDBMS with JDBC interface. In case of system fault, scheduler is able to correctly restart tasks been executed at the time of the crash.  

 Jsync - collection of synchronization classes for Java

Semaphore, Event, Mutex, Conveyer, Concurrent, Pipe, Barrier, Assert...  


Java code verifier


 JavaGO - Java byte code global optimizer