DyBASE is very simple object oriented embedded database for languages with dynamic type checking. The specific of such languages is that types of class instance variables are not known at compiler time. Moreover the same instance variable can be used to store integers and string and later be assigned reference to some other object. So it means that database could not keep information about object format in class descriptor and should store type for each instance variable. DyBASE provides APIs to the most popular scripting languages with OO extensions: PHP, Ruby, Python and Rebol.

DyBASE is easy to use and provide high performance. It is intended to be used in applications which needs to deal with persistent data in more sophisticated way than load/store object tree provided by standard serialization mechanism. Although DyBASE is very simple, it provides fault tolerant support (ACID transactions) and concurrent access to the database.

The main advantage of DyBASE is tight integration with programming language. There is no gap between database and application data models - DyBASE directly stores language objects. So there is no need in packing/unpacking code, which has to be written for traditional relational databases. Also DyBASE (unlike many other OODBMS) requires no special compiler or preprocessor. And still it is able to provide high level of transparency.

View DyBASE documentation dybase.html
Download sources and binaries for Windows dybase-020.zip
Download sources for Unix dybase-0.20.tar.gz
TIScript is a programming language using DyBASE as persistent storagehttp://code.google.com/p/tiscript/

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