Object-Relational Database Management Systems


Object Oriented Database Management Systems


   High Availability Storage

Fault tolerant model based on replication of application data using distributed shared memory  


Object adapter for ODBC  

Interprocess Communication Server

Interprocess synchronization and communication primitives for C++: semaphore, event, mutex, barrier, queue, shared memory, shared and exclusive lock  

Reflection Package for C++

Information about object types and format of classes at runtime. Extracting type descriptors from debug information.


Command line calculator for C expressions

If you prefer to type normal expressions like x=2*sin(y) instead of clicking buttons and writing results on paper, then you will probably love this tool...
  • Download sources + executable for Windows:   ccalc.zip (41,265 bytes)

BGI for Windows

emulation of Borland Graphic Interface library for MS-Windows (C language)