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J2ME-applications for mobile phones
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Timers | Counter

Last release: 01.09.2004
Compatibility: Java MIDP 1.0


Ten counters at your mobile phone.
You can count everything you want (birds at the tree, your guests...) and you phone will store all this information and can show it to you as diagram.


Counter supports three modes:
Counting mode
Pressing 0-9 in this mode increase value of correspondent counter. Keys # and * can be used to switch between counters.
  • To see sum of values of all counters, choose Inspect command
  • To see diagram of counter values, choose Diagram command
  • To reset value of current counter, choose Reset command
  • To decrement value of counter, choose Undo command
Diagram mode
In this mode diagram of counter values is displayed. Pressing 0-9 in this mode increase value of correspondent counter.
  • To see sum of values of all counters, choose Inspect command
  • To reset value of all counters, choose Reset command.
Inspect mode
In this mode you can inspect values of particular counter. Pressing 0-9 in this mode choose counter to be inspected. Keys # and * can be used to sequentially switch between counters
  • To reset value of current counter or all counters, choose Reset command
  • To switch to counter incrementing mode, choose Counting command
  • To rename current counter, choose Rename command


Timers | Metronome

Last release: 03.05.2005
Compatibility: MIDP 2.0 or Nokia
Binaries: Version of Metronome for Nokia(10Kb)
MIDP 2.0 verison of Metronome(22Kb)


The aim of this midlet is clear from its name.
It can produce signals with the specified frequency (times per minute). Signaling can be done using tone, vibration and backlight flashing. Mode, frequency, duration and volume of signal can also be configured. But this application can be used not only as metronome, been able to switch or toggle light by pressing a button or with specified frequency makes it possible to transform your mobile phone in packet flashlight. And adjusting frequency to correlate with your (or somebody else) pulse allows to measure it with high precision and without special equipment.


  • Use 0-9 buttons to specify requested frequency (times per minute). Setting frequency to 0 stops the metronome.
  • Joystick can also be used to modify frequency: UP increase value by ten, DOWN decrease value by ten, LEFT decrease value by one and RIGHT increase value by one
  • # button can be use to switch backlight on (light is turned on until button is pressed)
  • * button toggle back light (so it can be used as switched at normal electric torch)
  • Setting command allows to choose proper signal mode (tone, vibration or backlight flashing) and frequency/duration of signal.


Timers | StopWatch

Last release: 03.05.2005
Compatibility: Java MIDP 1.0


StopWatch is simple application for measuring time with possibility to register several (up to nine) results and suspend/resume measurement.


  • StopWatch works in one of two modes: run mode and inspect mode. In run mode it is possible to register results and in inspect mode - watch them.
  • To start StopWatch press any of *, 0 or # buttons. StopWatch is now in run mode and digits at the center of the screen shows elapsed time. At the top of the screen there is an identifier of current measure. To register result for this measure (first sportsman if finished) press any button on joystick. The number at the top of the screen is changed to next one and you can register time for the next sportsman. StopWatch is able to register up to 9 results.
  • It is also possible to register results not in increasing order of measure identifier. To register result of sportsman with number N, press button N.
  • To suspend measure press # button. To resume measure - press # button. Pause time (time between suspend and resume) is excluded from measurement.
  • Pressing once again at * button will stop the watch and midlet is now switched to inspection mode. In this mode it is possible to view results of each sportsman either listing them using joystick (LEFT and UP buttons shows result of previous sportsman, RIGHT, DOWN and FIRE - result of the next sportsman), either directly select sportsman by it's number using 1-9 buttons.


Timers | Timer

Last release: 20.08.2005
Compatibility: Java MIDP 2.0


Timer midlet allows to start simultaneously several times. Alarm time can be absolute and relative. It can happen once or with specified period. Different types of notifications are used: vibration, sound, backlight, SMS. Timers are stored in the storage so you can reuse them For example you can enter time needed for preparing some food (eggs, pizza, spaghetti...). Then you just select proper time and start it. Timer can be activated even if midlet is not active (at some models of the phones this feature may not work)


There four main screen in the program. The main screen is "monitor" - it shows state of active timers and allows to add new timer. The "List" command allows to see list of active timers and stop/change/remove any of this timers. "Settings" command allows to change midlet settings - way of alarm notification. When there are no active timers, monitor screen is empty. When you execute "Add" command, list of all timers in shown. You can select proper timer from the list and start it. If there are no timers, empty screen is shown. You can add new timer by executing "New" command. New timer can be saved or can be immediately started.

Timer form ask you to input hour, minute and second. For absolute timers it is time in the day when alarm should happen. For relative timer this values specify interval since current time. If timer is periodic, then relative time will produce alarm with the period equal to the specified interval. And periodic absolute timer will produce alarm each day at specified time (so period is 24 hours).

Timer midlet provides several way of alarm notification: sound (it is possible to configure frequency, volume and note of the signal), vibration, backlight and sending SMS. Also it is possible to specify duration of the alarm - period within which sound, vibration and other effects are produced. In case of alarm midlet shows model alarm alert which is visible until user execute "Dismiss" command. The command also stops sound, vibration and backlight. To be able to send SMS, it is necessary to specify destination phone number in settings. Unfortunately at most of the phones this mechanism will not work since phone will ask user permission for midlet to send SMS each time when it tries to send SMS.


Timers | Monitor

Last release: 05.10.2005
Compatibility: Java MIDP


This simple application allows to profile your time.
It makes it possible to easily monitor how much time is spent for activity you are doing.
It can be used for monitoring some physical processes as well as your traditional housekeeping activities.


You are able to monitor up to 10 activities.
Pressing correspondent number at you phone starts or continues the specified activity.
Current activity is accumulating time until you stop monitor or switch to another activity, If you exit from midlet, activity is still considered to be active and when monitor midlet is restarted it will indicate time spent since the switch to this activity.

By pressing '*' button or executing New command it is possible to start new activity.
By pressing '#' button or executing Stop command monitor can be stopped.
If all activities do not fir in screen, you can scroll them using Up/Left/Top/Bottom cursor keys. To hide/show diagram press Fire button.
When monitor is stopped, additional command are available, allowing to reset or terminate monitor or show the help.



metronome, flash-light and tonometer

stop watch remembering several results

multiple timers