Persistent Object Storage for C++



Many programs need some mechanism to store data between sessions. POST++ provides a simple persistent storage for your application, making your objects persistent with no overhead on accessing objects at runtime. POST++ is small, flexible and powerful system, based on memory mapping mechanism. Storage data file is mapped into virtual address space of your application, allowing normal access to persistent objects. This approach can be used in many cases when no concurrent access to database is required: storing information in documents, saving configuration data, personal databases and informational systems… POST++ also supports transactions based on shadow page mechanism, garbage collection of storage objects, storing and retrieving objects with virtual functions. POST++ provides high performance memory allocator supporting explicit or implicit memory deallocation (sweep and mark garbage collector). Starting from version 1.20 POST++ supports Standard Template Library. POST++ is now available for several dialects of Unix (Linux, Digital Unix, Solaris, AIX) and Windows NT 4.0/95.

POST++ is freeware and is distributed in hope to be useful. There are no limitations on using this software. Freeware status doesn't mean lack of support. I will do my best to fix all reported bugs. Also e-mail support is guaranteed.

Current version of POST++ is 1.52.

  See POST++ online documentation: readme.htm

  POST++ documentation in Postscript format:

  Download version for Windows:

  Download version for Unix: post-1.52.tar.gz

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