FastDB database browser

It is a small toolset around FastDB which may help for maintainance and testing purposes. Core is some database browser - currently called "dbrowse" - which will be somewhat similar to TOAD which is used for ODBC- databases. This tool will be available OpenSource, since it might be useful to others. As first impression of the idea you'll find a prerelease and source attached.

Just open any FastDB database and doubleclick tablenames at any place. Pressing Shift while clicking will show the whole table content, without Shift you'll get table schema. Next release will use Ctrl-Key combination to open a Query By Example window to process queries. Of course some editing options will be added to be able to modify content. And clicking Oids should follow the references, too.

The source is based on ATL/WTL libraries (WTL 7 is distributed with Platform SDK or can be downloaded from Microsoft separately) and uses the local cli-API for accessing the database since that allows schema-independent access.

Author: Klaus Zerbe
Version: 0.04
Last updated: 05-Jan-2004
Binaries: dbrowse.exe
Sources: dbrowse.zip
Using: Windows Template Library (WTL) 7.0

Change list:

Version 0.04
Version 0.03
  • import and export databases as XML- files
  • generate fake C++ header files for CASE tools which allow to make pretty UML class diagrams of the database schema.
  • integrated documentation covers those new features.
Version 0.02
  • crashes when clicking on unlinked fields in detail view
  • releasing of no longer needed cursors
  • - avoiding querying complete tables if current record is known (using WHERE current=%oid)
  • editing of scalar record fields in detail view (editor mode)
  • refreshing all open views with current data (monitoring apps)
  • integrated help view / reference manual
Version 0.01
  • displaying array views and detail views
  • follow any oids as links
  • filtering using WHERE like syntax
  • exception handling
  • rudimentary HTML help system
  • refactored and documented most code