Object Oriented Databases: general issues

Overview of Embedded Object Oriented Databases for Java and C#

Comparison of characteristics of GOODS, POST++, ShMem, FastDB, GigaBASE, MiniDB, PERST and DyBASE databases

   IMCS (In-Memory Columnar Store)

Columnar store (vertical representation of data) extension for PostgreSQL  

Object-Relational Database Management Systems


Object Oriented Database Management Systems




   High Availability Storage

Fault tolerant model based on replication of application data using distributed shared memory  

   Java embedded SQL

Subset of SQL for specifying non-procedural queries for Java objects, index access based on T-Tree, parallel excecution of requests  


Object adapter for ODBC  

  Java Object-Relational Adapter

JORA will simplify you development of Java database applications  

Old version of GOODS object oriented database system

Very small, portable single user OODBMS